Cheap standing desk

I love idea of standing desks. I feel myself much more productive behind standing desk. But commercial desks suffer from high price and complicated design.

Solution? Build your own standing desk!

I started using standing desk by making small stand on top of my ordinary desk, so I can remove it when I’m to lazy to stand. It was one year ago. After a while with that solution I decided to build my proper standing desk. But how and what to use as materials? Plain wood is too heavy, expensive and build will take more time (if you want a nice looking desk). And then I saw joints and pipes used in furniture. I took unused small door from my desk, some metal pipes (25mm in diameter) and joints. And best thing is that height is adjustable. You can build it with 2 shelfs and make bottom one wider for keyboard and mouse and put display on the top shelf. Easy to put together and take apart. Nice looking. Cheap. Total cost of materials was ~35$. For nice and clean cuts some old pipe cutter is perfect.


Standing Desk #1 Standing Desk #2 Standing Desk #3 Standing Desk #4