Installing Spotify Linux beta on OpenSUSE 13.1

Very small post (more like insruction for myself for the future) on how to convert deb packages provided by Spotify to rpm. Solution can be applied to any rpm based system (I think so).

  • Install alien (perl scripts for converting packages).
  • Download deb from spotify repository, pay attention to architecture.
  • Convert deb -> rpm by running sudo alien --scripts -r spotify*.deb.
  • Install rpm sudo zypper in spotify*.rpm.
  • Run spotify.

And it should work. I noticed few warning about default locates and missing libraries, but client still works fine without any changes to system (symlinks, locales and etc).


If you have issues with volume being too loud by default make sure that you changed flat-volumes from yes to no in /etc/pulse/daemon.conf


People reported that installing version 0.9 -> uninstalling it -> installing version 1.0 might break your system. So watch out for the uninstallation errors.